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A beautiful beard doesn’t just happen: you need the right care for it. At The Beardman, we only believe in natural products. Find out which products are best for your beard in our buying guides.

Beard trimmers test

A well-groomed beard should be trimmed once in a while. Looking for a new beard trimmer? The Beardmen has listed the top rated beard trimmers for you. He also listed the best Philips beard trimmers.

Beard Oil Test

Using beard oil is part of proper beard care. It stimulates beard growth and cares for both the beard and the underlying skin. The Beard Man has listed the top rated beard oils

Beard Shampoo Test

A good beard shampoo cares for and cleans the beard and the skin underneath. Find out which beard shampoos are the best according to Beard Man.

Beard wax Test

With a good beard wax, you’ll always walk out the door with a groomed beard. Find out which beard waxes are best for your beard.

Beard Conditioner Test

Using a beard conditioner will ensure that you give your beard the proper care and leave with a healthy shine.

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Beard Balm Test

A beard balm is used to style your beard hair, but in addition it also has grooming properties. Find out which balm is best for you.

Beard Combs Test

A beard comb is used to remove tangles from hair, as well as to style or style your beard hair. Check out the best beard combs of 2023.


Shavers Test

You use a shaver for a smooth result. Check out our TOP-10 for the best shavers based on different needs.


Nose trimmer Test

A nose trimmer is used to remove excess nose and ear hair in a safe, comfortable and faster way. Check out the best nose hair trimmers.

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Clippers Test

A pair of clippers for your home is now so convenient. So you can touch up your head hair any time without visiting the barber. Beardman has listed the best hair clippers for you.

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Razor Test

Whether you’re looking for a razor or a safety razor, Beard Man has released a TOP-10 for it to make your choice easier for you.

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Body groomer Test

A body groomer is an absolute must when you want to trim your body hair in a safe way. The Beardman has listed the best body groomers for you. 

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Are you growing a beard for the first time? Then you will undoubtedly face a number of challenges such as an itchy or stinging beard. In our blog articles, The Beardmen gives tips on how to overcome these challenges to ultimately achieve the desired result.

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