What is aftershave and what are its benefits?

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Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 14 Sep 2023

Aftershave: most men have it in their bathroom cabinet. The product is specially designed for just-shaved skin. Shaving can leave it feeling burned and with small wounds. Because shaving also opens your skin’s pores more than usual, it is important to properly disinfect your skin. Finally, an aftershave has a nice scent, which makes you feel optimally fresh after using it.

Soothing, disinfecting and refreshing: so you can briefly summarize the plus points of aftershave. The Beardmen lists the advantages for you. Do you shave regularly and don’t use aftershave? After reading this article, you’ll know it’s time to change that!

The difference between aftershave, perfume and eau de toilette

Before I delve deeper into the benefits of aftershave, let me clarify the difference between eau de toilette and perfume. I list it for you:

  • Eau de toilette: eau de toilette is a nice fragrance, but a lot lighter than perfume. You can use it just fine on a daily basis. People often spray eau de toilette more than once.
  • Eau de parfum: the scent ingredients of eau de parfum are more concentrated, namely double to even quadruple that of eau de toilette. Therefore, this scent smells more intense and you also keep smelling it longer.
  • Aftershave: has the lowest percentage of fragrance ingredients, namely a maximum of four percent. You use it after shaving. Aftershave, like cologne, stays smelling for a limited time.

1. Aftershave restores the skin

Did you know that shaving is quite stressful for your skin? To help it recover as quickly as possible, use aftershave. This closes the pores of your face. You prevent dirt from entering easily and thus reduce the risk of pimples, for example. The antiseptic components of aftershave help with this. The cooling substances, in turn, ensure that you suffer less from that annoying, burning feeling.

How much damage shaving does to your skin depends largely on the care, but also on the equipment you use. Therefore, choose the best razors, razor blades, trimmers and/or safety razors.

2. Aftershave smells good

Despite the fact that aftershave is barely smellable after an hour or two, it is still often considered a kind of men’s perfume. Still, it gives you that desired freshness boost after a shave. Moreover, you can combine aftershave and perfume of the same fragrance tones to enhance the effect of both.

3. Hydration

Who hasn’t experienced that feeling of dry, tight skin after shaving? It occurs because your moisture balance is momentarily upset. Moisturizing is the solution. Aftershave also serves this function. The oils in the aftershave moisturize. This way you can get rid of that unpleasant feeling and make sure your skin stays in good condition.

Starting to use aftershave

That you must use aftershave is a misconception. However, that does not take away from the fact that it is a good choice to do so. Are you considering starting? Feel free to ask in a store about the possibilities and ways you can combine aftershave with your perfume.