Beard Growth Stimulation Guide: How To Get A Full Beard Faster

Growing a beard
Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 22 May 2023

You’ve been growing a beard for a while, but the results have been disappointing. Are you bothered by bald patches or an incomplete beard? Know this: Beard growth is hereditary. For example, men with dark hair tend to have fuller beards than blond men. Then again, there is a solution to every problem. Taking proper care of your beard can encourage beard growth.

Why read on…

In this article, The Beard Man explains step by step what you can do to stimulate beard growth. We will also tell you what you shouldn’t do. In desperation, some men use the wrong products which only make things worse in the long run. Follow The Beard Man’s tips to promote hair growth in a healthy and responsible way.

In this article we discuss:

  • Beard Growth In General: Causes and How Decisive Your Lifestyle Is
  • Stimulating Beard Growth: How To Do It
  • Accelerating Beard Growth: What Steps To Take

An attractive full beard can be developed with tips from The Beard Man. Our focus is on grooming your beard by giving it the proper attention. More so, these tips are scientifically-proven.

Beard Growth In General

The rate of hair growth on your body largely depends on your genes. Some people’s hair grows faster than others. Whether you take full advantage of the “speed potential” of your beard growth is influenced by your lifestyle. Healthy beard growth starts with a healthy lifestyle. But what exactly are other causes of limited hair growth, bald spots or uncovered areas?

Causes Of Slow Or Limited Beard Growth

By looking at the causes of slow beard growth, you can directly know how to encourage it.

  1. Age: for a large number of young men, beard growth does not begin until the age of 20 or older, but it can begin as early as age 15.
  1. Genes: beard growth is significantly genetic.
  1. Stress: during times of stress, the hormone cortisol is produced which causes an accumulation in the sebaceous glands resulting in limited hair growth and even hair loss.
  1. Not enough nutrients: your body needs the right amount and combination of nutrients to perform optimally. In particular, vitamin H (biotin), C and A play an important role in hair growth and the protection of hair follicles.
  1. Testosterone hormone: for various reasons, not enough testosterone can be produced which is crucial in bringing about new beard growth. This means less smoking, drinking and more strength training in the gym.
  1. Acne scars: in areas scarred by acne, for example, hair growth is not always possible.
  1. Resting phase hair follicle: The hair follicle naturally alternates between growth and resting phases. In a growth phase the activated hair follicles are fully engaged in producing new facial hair, but in the resting phase this does not happen.
  1. Lack of proper care: healthy skin under your beard is important. With proper beard care, you can improve your skin that promotes beard growth.

Promoting Healthy Beard Growth: Vital Factors To Consider

The Internet is laden with beard growth stimulating products and myths that offer to have you walking around with a full beard in no time. Although these products can give an extra boost to hair growth, The Beard Man prefers a natural approach.

It’s not abracadabra: boosting your hair growth needs two things: a healthy lifestyle and proper beard care. With these done right, there’s great chances for anyone to maintain a fuller beard.

  1. A healthy lifestyle

It has been scientifically proven that a healthy lifestyle contributes to healthier skin and better beard growth. This means eating a varied diet, regular exercise (preferably strength training), getting enough sleep and not drinking and smoking too much.

What Are The Foods That You Should Eat?

There are a number of nutrients that your body needs to make new hair and promote beard growth.

  • Vitamin H or biotin: eggs, nuts, dairy, beans and mushrooms
  • Vitamin E: seeds, nuts and nut oils
  • Vitamin C: guava, pineapple, strawberries, broccoli and kale

The hormone testosterone is made from cholesterol. A high-fat diet rich in unsaturated fatty acids can promote the production of testosterone. These good fats can be found in nuts, seeds, avocados, oily fish or high-quality oils.

  1. The right beard care

Previously, The Beard Man wrote an article on proper beard care. But how can you accelerate beard growth through proper grooming? To answer this question, The Beard Man will first  explain how hair growth works.

In order to produce new hair, you need hair follicles located deep inside the skin. The hair follicle makes cells thanks to nutrients delivered by small blood vessels. This makes good blood circulation and a healthy skin extra important.

Keeping your skin clean ensures optimal blood flow and maximum absorption of nutrients. In addition to a healthy lifestyle (for the right nutrients) and proper care for healthy skin (nutrient absorption), you’ll get the most out of your beard growth.

Beard Growth Remedies: What To Avoid

On the Internet you will come across several remedies that help accelerate beard growth. Although agents such as minoxidil and biotin can provide an extra boost to hair growth, they can also have a negative impact on other parts of the body. What miracle remedies do we often see come along?

  • Minoxidil: The Beardman advises against the use of minoxidil, as there are several side effects. Namely, this drug affects the production of several hormones.
  • Biotin: This is a supplement. With a healthy lifestyle, you get enough biotin. So why take supplements?
  • Spray: we often see beard growth sprays or beard growth oil. It is difficult to say anything about them since their effectiveness depends on the active ingredients.

Roadmap: How To Grow A Beard Faster?

For healthy beard growth, The Beard Man indicates a step-by-step plan to stimulate beard growth.

This doesn’t include a healthy lifestyle, although this is extremely important. It is found everywhere on the Internet. Try to exercise 3 – 4 times a week, eat three times a day and get enough sleep. A diet with healthy fats and lots of fruits and vegetables helps with testosterone production and beard hair production.

Reducing stress also helps with promoting beard growth. But this is easier said than done. Life isn’t always easy – but above all, don’t stress too much about your beard growth.


Swap your bag of chips for a handful of nuts at the end of the day and start the day with a bowl of yogurt.

Daily Grooming Routine

Find out what are the right products to use and how often you should use them:

Shampoo and Conditioner: 5 – 7 times a week

It is important to properly clean your beard hair daily by applying a beard shampoo. Do you use wax to style your beard? Then we also recommend using conditioner to remove excess oils.

Beard Scrub: Once a week

Here’s what many people don’t do: exfoliate their beards. Exfoliating will remove dead skin cells that a normal beard shampoo could not.

Beard Oil or Beard Serum: Daily

Apply beard oil or serum after showering. This gives the beard a nice shine and provides the right nutrients and hydration for the beard.

Beard Growth Kit

You can find convenient beard growth kits on the Internet that contain everything you need to properly care for your facial hair. 

Beard Roller: What Is A Derma Roller?

Many men use a beard roller to stimulate beard growth. A derma roller has about 200 tiny needles that make tiny holes in your skin. These tiny holes make it easier to absorb the active ingredients of an applied product. A beard roller is often used in combination with a beard growth serum or minoxidil (the one we do not recommend).

Neofollics beard growth serum is a well-known brand of beard growth serum. The use of neofollics beard growth serum is often recommended in combination with the use of a beard roller.

Is It Safe To Use A Derma Roller?

The Beard Man does not object to the use of a derma roller. The damage from tiny holes is minimal and your skin will recover quickly. However, we do advise against overuse and the use of minoxidil.

Does A Derma Roller Work?

Occasional use of a derma roller has positive effects on beard growth and achieving a fuller beard. This device makes small holes that allow nutrients and active ingredients from the serum to be absorbed more easily. We recommend giving it a try and seeing if it works for you.

Beard Growth Stimulation Tips

Normally, a healthy lifestyle and good beard care should already ensure maximum beard growth. It ultimately has a lot to do with genes and you can’t influence them. What else can you do to achieve a fuller beard?

  1. Face massage: this promotes blood flow enabling nutrients to better reach hair follicles.
  1. Beard growth serum: this product provides the activated hair follicles with the right nutrients needed to promote beard growth. 
  1. Beard growth oil: a special beard growth oil may work better than a normal beard oil, since the ingredients are specifically tailored to beard growth.

What Are Bald Spots?

It’s when hair no longer grows in some open spots. But what’s the best way to hide bald spots in your beard? They can be filled in with an eye pencil and also by smart trimming.

Uneven Beard Growth

Uneven beard growth occurs in almost all men. This condition is shown my your beard hair growing crooked or in different directions.

Full beard

The ultimate goal is to achieve a full beard. You may have a fairly developed beard, but would like to have a little more facial hair. Growing a full beard can take up to 6 months. Nevertheless, it should be visible within three months. Keep those beard hairs coming!

Frequently Asked Questions

We regularly receive questions about remedies and grooming techniques that help the beard grow faster. A full and well-groomed beard doesn’t just happen; it requires hard work.

Which hormone causes beard growth?

Androgen hormone, also known as the male hormones DHEA and testosterone cause hair growth. You promote the body to make more testosterone by doing a lot of strength training and eating a high-fat diet. This is because your body needs cholesterol to produce testosterone. There are also special pills or creams to promote testosterone production and get more facial hair, but we advise against this. After all, you don’t want to imbalance your hormones.

Can you promote beard growth?

Sure, by living a healthy lifestyle and giving your beard the proper care. Growing a beard happens faster when you get all the nutrients you need, exercise and get enough sleep. It is especially important to take care of the skin, which is where the hair follicles are located. There are remedies to promote beard growth, but they are often not recommended. A derma roller, on the other hand, can help.

Do beard growth remedies work?

Most beard growth remedies do work, but we advise against their use. On the Internet, agents such as minoxidil and biotin are popular. The former is often used in conjunction with a derma roller, but can have various side effects. Biotin is safe, but with the right diet, you won’t need these supplements.

Does hair grow faster after shaving?

This is a myth because facial hair does not seem to grow faster after shaving and its thickness remains the same. How this fable came about is unclear, but many websites still sell it as the truth.

Why doesn’t my hair grow fast?

This may be genetic, but age also has an influence. If you are under the age of 20, then beard growth may take a while. In adult men, limited hair growth is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress, especially, and alcohol and drinking are culprits. Eating more of certain nutrients and regularly taking care of your beard and the underlying skin could accelerate your beard growth.