Beard Softening: What Is The Best Way To Do It?

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Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 22 May 2023

A beginning beard, a full beard or a mustache: they can feel stiff and hard. It’s not exactly nice for yourself, and neither is it for your partner. The good news is, the Beard Man has some practical tips to soften your beard hair. Soften your beard with these 5 maintenance tips.

What Makes My Beard Hair Stiff?: Causes

Firm beard hair can have several causes. To soften your beard, first figure out the reason why your beard feels hard:

  • The winter months: during the winter months, the air is dry and cold. This not only affects your skin, but also gives you a dry beard.
  • Sun rays: while we humans get very happy under the sun, direct sunlight is less desirable for a soft and groomed beard. A day at the beach is not recommended for both your skin and your beard.
  • Not drinking enough water: your body needs enough moisture to hydrate your beard hair. Not washing or hardly washing pollution from the outdoor air, food particles or grooming products (think beard wax) can make your beard dry. Washing your beard with a shampoo or conditioner is important to keep it in good condition.
  • Not trimming on time: it is important to trim split ends (damaged beard hairs) on time.
  • Poor care: both your beard and the skin underneath need proper care. Thus, you should brush it as well as apply moisturizers such as a beard oil or a beard balm.

Dry, Stiff, Hard Or Rough Beard: What’s The Deal?

A dry beard feels stiff, hard or rough. The stiff hair appears like split ends caused by external factors such as the weather along with improper grooming. Take proper care of your beard; not only to make it soft, but also healthy.

A Step- by- Step Guide To Soften Your Beard

Grooming your beard to make it softer is done as follows:

  1. Wash your beard daily: to do this, use a beard shampoo and gently massage it into your beard. Repeat the process of washing, massaging and rinsing twice. Use a clean towel to dry your beard.
  1. Use a conditioner: do you use oily styling products such as beard wax? Then a good conditioner is recommended. With a conditioner, wash everything out, which is less easy with a beard shampoo.
  1. Use beard oil or balm: Both beard oil and balm will instantly make your beard hair feel softer. Slowly massage the oil into your beard and the underlying skin. You use beard oil after showering, trimming or skin irritation. A balm works best after showering when you want to style your beard (it is less greasy than beard wax). A good beard oil makes your beard soft and gives it a nice shine.
  1. Combing and brushing: after applying beard oil, the Beard Man recommends combing and/or brushing your beard hair well. Do comb in the right direction- with the direction of growth.
  1. Trim in time: using a beard trimmer will bring your beard back into shape and give you a groomed feature. Trimming on time will give you a softer beard by removing damaged tips.

The Right Beard Care For A Softer Beard

Beard Trimming

Trimming your beard is essential for a softer and well-groomed beard. When you trim it, you get rid of the hard strands. You can use some effective trimming tips

Beard Care Products

Using the best grooming products is important for a softer beard. For example, products with natural ingredients can have a positive impact on facial hair health, but the wrong ingredients can backfire. 

These days there are an awful lot of different beard products, and if you believe all the marketing talk, you’ll think you need them all. From beard oil to body lotion. But which beard products are credible and contribute to a softer beard?

  • Beard oil or balm

Just like The Beard Man said, applying beard oil is the best thing you can do. It not only makes for a softer beard, but also gives it a nice shine and takes care of the skin underneath.

  • Shampoo

Just like your head hair, your facial hair needs a wash. A beard shampoo is better than a regular shampoo because the ingredients are better tailored to what your beard and the underlying skin need.

  • Conditioner

Do you use beard wax? You won’t get this out easily with a shampoo. In this case, use a conditioner – which also comes in handy when your beard is very dirty.

A beard grooming kit comes in handy. It contains everything you need for a soft beard such as beard oil, shampoo, beard scissors and a brush or comb. Typically, though, the contents of a beard care kit vary by provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have questions after reading this article? Below are those that The Beard Man regularly receives in his mailbox. If your question is not listed, you can read our blogs or send The Beard Man a message.

How do I keep my beard soft?

To make and keep a beard soft, use quality grooming products and do effective routines. For example, you can use beard oil with natural oils and it’s important to shampoo or condition your beard regularly. Regular trimming also ensures a softer beard.

Why is my beard hair stiff?

Your beard feels stiff or hard because the hair is dry. This can have several causes such as extreme weather conditions and poor beard care.