Abdominal hair shaving: how to do it safely?

Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 12 Aug 2023

Nowadays, men increasingly think about their body hair. For some it makes them feel more masculine, while others prefer to get rid of it. Especially about belly hair, opinions are divided. Think about what suits you best and how you prefer to see yourself. Do you have a partner? Ask what he or she finds attractive. Above all, shave your belly hair safely!

Match your belly hair and chest hair

Not sure (yet) what to do with your belly hair? Then take a look at the upper part of your torso. Often you have a more definite opinion about the right amount of chest hair. The best results are achieved when your belly and chest hair match. With a hairy chest, you can also leave your hair on your belly. A smooth chest? Then shave your belly hair as well.

Getting started with a razor?

Back to the most important point: safe shaving. How to do it. When you want to remove not just a little body hair, but get rid of everything, you quickly opt for a razor blade. Men use these for their chest, armpits and abdomen, among other things.

The disadvantage of shaving

However, shaving with a razor does come with a major drawback: it quickly leads to itching, rashes and nasty bumps. The rashes come from shaving itself, the bumps from ingrown hairs. With a bit of bad luck, this can be quite itchy. Especially when you also have sensitive skin.

The body groomer

More and more men are discovering the body groomer, also called body trimmer. This is a device specially designed to protect your skin while shaving. This is because it features rounded blades that optimally follow the contours of your body. This allows you to trim your body hair, including your belly hair, safely. A bodygroomer is suitable for the area from your neck to your intimate zone. 

Tips on using the body groomer

  1. Shave in the direction of hair growth first.

When using a bodygroomer, make sure you start with the large areas of your abdomen. Also, always shave from the bottom of your chest downward. That way, you will initially work with the direction of hair growth. Still find your belly hair a little too long after that? Repeat the trimming, but go against the direction of growth. By working carefully, you are also less likely to regret possibly shaving too short.

2. Tighten your skin while shaving

By pulling your skin taut while using a body groomer, you prevent folds from becoming an obstacle. Tightening skin folds not only gives you better results, but it also reduces the chances of minor wounds.

3. Make sure you can use the device in the shower.

Most body groomers you use to shave your belly hair can be used in the shower. However, do not take this for granted. Only when the manufacturer states on the packaging and/or in the product description that the device is 100% waterproof, you need not fear damage or unsafe situations.


Shaving your belly hair safely also means performing proper aftercare. Have you trimmed your belly? Then rinse your skin with cold water and do not rub it, but pat it dry. Rubbing can cause irritation. Use a soft towel for the same reason. Finally, take the time to moisturize your skin after shaving your belly hair. Use an unscented product.