Trimming Or Shaving The Bottom Of Your Beard: The Best Way To Do This

Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 12 Aug 2023

The underside of your beard, which is also called the neckline, largely determines the look of your beard. Stubble, gray hair or hair that is too long detract from the overall look and can make for a much less stylish appearance. Bummer! With a sleek neckline, you can make your beard stand out more and make the difference between an unkempt and groomed look. How to go about it? Here’s how!

Define your neckline

Before you get started, it’s important to know which part you need to shave. Your neckline is found by tracing two fingers from your Adam’s apple to your earlobes. Anything below that neckline, shave away. With stubble, keeping this area smooth is somewhat less important, but is your beard 3 millimeters or longer? Then it’s time to trim or shave the underside!

Guide for shaving your neckline

Have you determined your neckline? Then proceed like this next:

  1. Preparation – take a hot shower to soften your beard hair and make shaving easier.
  2. First, trim your beard to the desired length. Do this with a beard trimmer. For smooth results, opt for a shaver.
  3. Start with the neckline and start in the middle, at your Adam’s apple. From there, trim downward. Next, choose one half of your neck and proceed in the same way. Following, take care of the other half. For an extra tight result and minimal risk of razor burn and irritation, pull the skin on your neck a little tighter.
  4. Define the corners of your beard. For the most natural look, choose to leave these a little rounder. Make them more angular, then accentuate your jawline. This gives you an extra masculine look. Trim or shave from your earlobes straight down. 
  5. Time for the finishing touch: Look at your beard carefully in the mirror. Is the result completely satisfactory? Then just apply lotion to moisturize the area and prevent redness and irritation. Do you still see areas for improvement? Touch those up until you achieve the desired result.

So you see: with the help of a clear step-by-step plan, shaving the underside of your beard is a piece of cake. Once you’ve done this a few times, you won’t turn your hand away from this chore.