Where Can You Buy Hair and Beard Trimmer Oil?

Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 23 May 2023

Have you been wondering where you can buy clipper oil?

You can buy clipper oil online at the following webshops:

  • Bol.com
  • Wahl.shop.com
  • Handyman.nl
  • etc.

Which Trimmer Oil Should I Buy?

Most brands such as the well-known Wahl sell their own oil. Often they promote it as the best oil for hair clippers and in some cases claim that the warranty is void when you use an oil of another brand. But in practice, of course, they cannot verify this. Basically, you can use oil for hair clippers from different brands. This is my favorite aspect in terms of price and quality. 

Why Use Clipper Oil?

Clipper oil is important for several reasons: it keeps the blades of the clipper running smoothly, thus making them function better. Above all, it prevents them from wearing out quickly and keeps them nice and sharp. 

Essentially, using clipper oil extends the life of your clippers and keeps them working better. 

How Do You Use Clipper Oil?

  • First remove all loose hair. Do this by rinsing the clippers under the tap and letting them dry thoroughly. Expose them outdoors. Do not use a towel or something similar because there is a chance that fibers will be left behind and they are difficult to remove. 
  • Drop a drip of oil on the blades
  • Turn the clippers on. The vibration will spread the oil all over the blades.
  • Remove the oil around the blades.

How Often Should Clippers Be Oiled?

If you use clippers daily, which would be the case with a hairdresser, you need to oil the blades everyday. If you use clippers on a weekly basis then it is sufficient to oil the blades once a month.