Dry Or Wet Shave: Which Is Better?

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Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 22 May 2023

One man is not the other. Some prefer to shave with a little shaving foam, gel or water while others opt for a dry shave. Dry or wet shaving. Not sure which type of shave suits your skin and beard growth best? The Beardmen will give you the answer!

Wet Shaving Gives The Smoothest Result

Wet shaving has its advantages for men looking for a close shave. Because you shave the hairs close to the root, it takes longer for them to return. So you enjoy a groomed look longer!

One disadvantage of wet shaving is that it takes more time. A quick shave over the face is out of the question.

Beware Of Ingrown Beard Hairs

There is nothing more annoying than ingrown beard hairs growing into the skin. This is painful and in the worst case scenario, you need to have them removed. The shorter you shave off the hairs, the more likely they are to grow back into the skin. Are your beard hairs growing down? Play it safe and opt for dry shaving.

Dry Shave For Less Irritation

Little bumps after shaving? Chances are you’re shaving wet. Skin irritation is much less likely to occur with a dry shave because there is less contact with the skin. The hairs are shaved less close to the skin.

Now, there is a big difference between using razor blades and electric shaving. Do you use razor blades? Then the use of a little shaving cream is recommended to avoid irritation. 

TIP: When shaving dry, moisten the beard hairs slightly with lukewarm water. This makes the beard hairs soft, so that they can easily be shaved off. The same goes for trimming your beard with a beard trimmer

Conclusion: Wet Or Dry Shaving?

Which way of shaving suits you best depends on your personal preference and also your skin type. A quick shave? Dry shaving is the way to go. For the smoothest results, choose wet shaving which allows you to enjoy the result longer.