Itchy Beard: What To Do When Your Beard Itches

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Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 22 May 2023

Does your beard get itchy? This tendency is somewhat part of wearing a beard, but it definitely is not pleasant. Itchy beard hair can have several causes, but most men experience it during the initial phase. It’s time to address this problem so that your beard stops itching as soon as possible.

The Beard Man first explains why a beard itches and then gives solutions to what you can do to reduce or negate the itching.

Why Does My Beard Itch?: Causes

An itchy beard can have several causes. To figure out which solution works best for you, it’s important to find out the cause.

Itchy New Beard

Men who grow a beard for the first time often have to deal with an itchy beard. This is because sharp edges develop at the ends of your beard hair during shaving. With new beard growth, the sharp edges rub against the hair follicles causing an itchy feeling.

Dry Skin

A full-grown beard is more likely to cause dry skin. However, failure to properly care for your beard can also result in a dry beard and underlying skin. This is because our facial hair needs moisture and withdraws it from the skin, leaving less moisture for the skin. This results in dead skin cells, flakes or sometimes even beard dandruff.

Not Washing Properly

A beard comes into contact with food, air pollution and dirty hands. It is therefore extra important that you clean your facial hair and skin properly on a daily basis. With a clean beard, you prevent skin irritation, which when restored can also cause an itchy beard. Also, dirt causes both your beard and skin to dry out faster.

Beard Dandruff

As mentioned earlier, dry beard and dry skin can cause beard dandruff. This dry skin can be caused by grooming products containing synthetic ingredients. This affects the skin and beard, causing them to dry out quickly. Flakes develop and settle between the small beard hair and cause the beard to itch.

What Can You Do About An Itchy Beard?

An itchy beard isn’t exactly pleasant, and you want to find a solution for it. The most important thing in preventing an itchy beard is to prevent your beard and underlying skin from drying out. You do this by taking proper care of it and using products made from 100% natural ingredients. This is important because some products with harsh ingredients do more harm than good – especially with sensitive skin.

The Beard Man explains how to instantly reduce itching:

  • Soften beard by using beard oil: Do you experience stinging beard hair that also causes itching? After showering, apply a good beard oil. Massage it gently into your beard and make sure that the oil is well distributed over the facial hair and the skin under the beard. This will not only soften the beard hair, but also moisturize it right away.
  • Beard scrub: Using a beard scrub will remove all the dead skin cells and flakes that cause itching. This is important because it also prevents aggravation of beard dandruff. However, it is especially important to choose a natural beard scrub. Otherwise, it can only backfire.

Itchy Beard: How To Prevent Itchy Beard Hair

An itchy beard is not pleasant and you want to prevent this in the future. Previously, the Beard Man wrote an article on the best beard care with a step-by-step plan of what to do daily or weekly to get a healthy beard.

Below we discuss the main steps of beard care

The solution to itchy beard hairs:

Step 1: Wash your beard daily

Yes, a beard can get very dirty. Especially if you are in the habit of touching your beard hair with your hands. It is important to wash your beard hair and face regularly (daily) with a good beard shampoo made from natural ingredients. Do you use beard wax? If not, use a beard conditioner for a clean beard.

Note that a regular soap or shampoo can also cause dry skin because it is not meant for beard hair and is often not natural.

Step 2: Dry your beard hair

This is a step that many men neglect and often forget. Wet beard hair allow your skin to dry out even faster. Use a clean towel and gently massage it over your face.

Step 3: Use balm or beard oil.

Moisturizing your beard hair and skin is very important to prevent a dry and stiff beard. Use a few drops of balm or a beard oil after drying your beard hair and gently massage it into the underlying skin. Make sure you always choose a product with natural oils.

Step 4: Brush your beard

To better distribute the beard oil or balm, you can use a brush. This will also remove tangles, or tangled beard hair.

Extra Beard Care In Winter and Summer

Extreme weather conditions make your beard hair dry out faster. For example, dry air in the winter and lots of sunshine in the summer can cause the beard and skin to dry out quickly. It is important to avoid direct sunlight and take extra care of your beard during the winter months.

Sitting On Your Shoes and Getting On With It

Growing a full beard requires some perseverance. In an impulsive decision, you could shave off all your beard hair at once when the itching becomes too much. In moments like these, it is important to show your masculinity and get through this first phase. You can do it!

Frequently Asked Questions

An itchy beard is anything but fun. After reading this article, do you still have questions related to an itchy beard? Perhaps you’ll find answers to your questions below. If not, please refer to our blog or contact the beard guy.

How long does a beginning beard itch?

A beginning beard or stubble often itches in the first week. After a week, this itching should stop.

What to do about an itchy beard?

For a prickly beard, The Beard Man recommends using a good beard scrub. After washing your beard, it is important to dry it thoroughly. Finally, apply a good beard oil to soften the hairs, moisturize and give your beard a wonderful masculine scent.

Why does a beginning beard itch?

The itching of a beginning beard is caused by shaving. Sharp edges are formed and prick against the hair follicles, causing the itching.

Why does my beard itch?

A stiff beard with hard hair can cause a prickly feeling. This is annoying not only for yourself, but also for your partner. This can be due to dry beard hair, which in turn can have several causes. After using a beard trimmer, the hair can feel hard, making them prickly.