Nose Hair Removal: How Do You Do It?

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Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 22 May 2023

Are you bothered by unwanted nose hair? You can remove them! Nose hair removal can be done in several ways. The most painful way is tweezing, but you can also cut out those long nose hairs with beard scissors or a nose trimmer. How do these methods work and which is the best way to remove nose hair? The Beard Man provides tips!

Nose hair sticking out of your nose is undesirable. To look well-groomed, you want to clear them away. But why do we have nose hair?

Why Do We Have Nose Hair?

While scientists are still guessing about the functionality of armpit hair, the purpose of nose hair is very clear. These serve as filters for your lungs. This prevents unwanted and harmful dust particles from entering your lungs. Removing all nose hair can lead to nasty infections, although some people are more susceptible to this than others. 

Touch Up Your Nose Hair Then?

Nose hair are thus hugely important and it is recommended that you touch them up and not remove them. This means that nose hair plucking and waxing are already off the table despite the fact that many men still use this method. It’s a snatch because nose hair plucking is anything but painless….

Another thing we would like to mention: both nose hair plucking and waxing increase the risk of wounds and infections. And believe us, an infection in your nose is the last thing you want to walk around with.

Nose Hair Cutting: How To Do It?

Cutting nose hair- how do you do it?

Removing your nose hair with scissors is an excellent and safe way. Through this, you only cut away the end of the hairs, allowing them to still function. Now, cutting your nose hair is not that complicated, but perhaps the tips below will make it easier:

  1. Buy a pair of good beard scissors: avoid using scissors with sharp edges. Beard scissors have a round end which prevents you from poking yourself in the nose.
  1. Mirror and good lighting: good visibility is very important when cutting your nose hair. It works best to hold a mirror under your nose. That way you can hold the scissors down instead of the other way around.

Disadvantages Of Cutting Nose Hair

Cutting away your nose hair with scissors works fine, but takes more time compared to trimming. Also keep in mind that nose hair grow back quickly, so this is something you need to keep doing regularly.

Trimming Nose Hair: How Do You Do It?

Ever heard of a nose hair trimmer? With a nose hair trimmer you can easily trim both your nose and ear hairs. You gently insert this trimmer into your nose and within minutes you’re done. 

The advantage of nose hair trimming is that the nose hair can continue to function and the job is done in no time.

Disadvantages Of Nose Hair Trimming

Nose hair trimming is a grooming task that you have to do regularly. Fortunately, a nose trimmer will get you doing this a little faster. Also factor in a small investment. A new nose trimmer costs between 20 and 60 dollars.

Conclusion: How Do You Remove Nose Hair?

Because your nose hair serve as filters for your lungs, it is better to leave some of them in place. Then again, you want to look groomed, which means you want to avoid small hairs sticking out of your nose. The preferred method is to trim your nose hair. You do this with scissors or a nose trimmer.

This allows the nose hair to continue to function. When trimming with scissors you spend cheaper but have to allocate a lot of time. If you trim with a nose trimmer, you’ll be done in no time, but that comes with an investment of a few dollars. The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions about removing nose hairs.

Why should you not remove nose hair?

Nose hair has a function, and that is to protect your lungs by filtering small particles from the air. So it is better to leave them partially in place and touch them up instead of removing them. It is best to avoid pulling and tweezing your nose hair and use scissors or a nose trimmer instead.

Is nose hair waxing dangerous?

Not directly, but it is indirectly. Waxing is more likely to cause small wounds and infections. You are also removing nose hair, which is not recommended because it has an important function. For example, nose hair serve as filters for the lungs by filtering out unwanted dust particles from the air.

Why does nose hair grow?

Nose hair, unlike armpit hair, have a function that cannot be ignored. Nose hair serves as filters for the lungs. They remove unwanted dust particles from the air to prevent them from entering the lungs.