Shaving Pubic Hair: How Do You Do It?

Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 22 May 2023

Whether you’re going for smooth balls or just want to touch up your long pubic hairs before a date, you’ve come to the right place. The average American man won’t walk into a salon to get his balls waxed.

First, it already hurts when you think about it and second, we get a little uncomfortable when it comes to shaving balls. Fortunately, we are perfectly capable of doing this ourselves. How do you best tackle this?

TIP: Although using a depilatory cream sounds tempting, we don’t recommend it if you want to keep your balls in one piece. After all, this hurts badly and you will still end up having to go over them with a razor.

Why Shave Pubic Hair?

Shaving pubic hair has several advantages.

There are several reasons why you want to remove pubic hair from your private parts. First, because you naturally want to look well-groomed. A little pubic hair is fine with women, but if they want to see a jungle they will book a plane ticket to Amazon.

But smooth balls have more benefits than just a groomed look and a better sex life. It’s also good for hygiene. Longer hairs create and flourish, especially in the summer months. Thus, you create a perfect environment for bacteria to breed.

Before We Begin…

It’s helpful to determine whether you want to go for a smooth result or just touch up those long hairs. For one, you need a razor, shaver or body groomer with shaving function. For the other, a trimmer or a body groomer with a trimming function.

Our Advice: Razor Or Body Groomer

To avoid skin irritation, we recommend using a razor or a body groomer. If you want a smooth result, choose a razor. However, it is important to be careful: particularly near the scrotum wherein a small cut can easily made (it hurts just thinking about it).

Not everyone is familiar with a body groomer. This device is made to borrow itself perfectly for shaving or touching up body hair. Because it goes over the skin less tightly, you end up having less irritation.

Shaving Or Trimming Pubic Hair: Step-by-Step Tips

Let’s get started!

When trimming your pubic hair, you basically want to achieve the desired result without suffering from razor bumps or skin irritation. If you follow the steps below, you can avoid problems.

TIP: Do you have a lot of pubic hair but are going for a smooth result? Then trim away the longer hairs first. This will eventually make shaving with a blade much easier. Longer hairs are difficult to shave. 

  1. Wet the hairs: use lukewarm water and/or a little shaving cream. It’s best to shave the private parts during or after showering.
  1. Shave: Work from top to bottom. Start with the pubic area, then your balls and possibly the side of your dick. Never press the blade too hard on the skin.
  1. Trimming: for this, follow the same actions as for shaving.
  1. Rinse: rinse away the loose hairs and check carefully if there are any that you can trim or shave away. Rinse again if necessary.
  1. Pat dry: blot dry with a clean, dry towel.

After shaving, use a good perfume-free body lotion or oil. Perfume can cause irritation. In principle, the skin has no problems with natural fragrances, but peppermint is probably less desirable.

Final Thoughts

Good luck with touching up your private parts. There’s no need to make it a taboo subject. Perhaps your friends could use these tips too! So Spread the word!