Trimming sideburns: how to do it?

Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 09 Aug 2023

Sideburns: some people abhor them, while for others they are an essential part of a trendy look. Throughout history, the popularity of sideburns changed quite a bit. Two hundred years ago they were wildly popular and pop idol Elvis also revived the trend in the 1960s.

Again, sideburns may be seen. That is, if you take good care of them. Because they are actually beard hairs, you take care of them in the same way. So washing them regularly with a special beard shampoo and moisturizing them with a beard oil is important. Trimming your sideburns is also an important part of the grooming routine. In general, sideburns have short hairs and sharp lines. How to go about trimming? The Beardman will tell you!

1. Use your index fingers to determine the right length

Nowadays, there are countless sideburn styles to think of. Do you have short hair? Then it is best to let your sideburns run just halfway to your ears. If your hair is longer, then usually keep your sideburns a little shorter. To determine the desired length, stand in front of the mirror and use your index fingers.

Trimming your sideburns to exactly the same height can be quite a challenge. Therefore, don’t be overconfident and check the length of your sideburns regularly in this manner.

2. Make use of a beard trimmer

Want to trim your sideburns? The best way to do this is with a beard trimmer (Philips beard trimmers are my favorite). Using the attachments, you can set your own desired length. With other beard trimmers, you set this on the shaving head itself. In any case, never use a shaver; it has larger blades and therefore you can do less precision work and more difficult to reach areas.

Use the beard trimmer regularly. On average, sideburns should be trimmed every two to three days.

3. Trim from top to bottom and then vice versa

Trimming your beard is done by first going with the direction of the hair. Then trim from the bottom up. If you follow this order, you will best succeed in removing all excess hair and getting your sideburns to one length.

For applying lines, use a safety razor or razor blades.

4. Washing and drying your sideburns before you start

The same applies to your sideburns as to your beard: so before you start the actual trimming, make sure your hair is clean. So you always start by washing and drying your beard. That way, gel or other hair products cannot cause problems for the final result.

Trimming your sideburns for a groomed look

Had you never considered trimming your sideburns before reading this article? Then you now have the information you need to do it the right way. Sideburns play a defining role in your appearance and therefore deserve proper attention. Well-groomed sideburns contribute to a well-groomed appearance. So get to work!