Washing Beard With Regular Shampoo: Is This Smart?

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Sander van de BaardmanBy Sander - The Beardmen
Updated on 23 May 2023

I must confess: when I first came across beard shampoo I thought “What kind of marketing trick is this?” So I can well imagine the question of whether it is smart to wash your beard with regular shampoo. But what about it exactly? Why should I use beard shampoo instead of regular shampoo? Here’s the thing!

Mulling it over, I do have to admit that it is better to use beard shampoo instead of regular shampoo when washing your beard. I found this out through personal experience, and also when I then started doing more research on why my beard hair suddenly became stiffer and drier….

Why Should I Use Beard Shampoo?

Okay, the question of whether it’s smart to wash your beard with regular shampoo has now been answered. But why should you use beard shampoo? A good question, because beard shampoo is comparatively a bit more expensive than regular shampoo. So under the guise of saving money you soon end up with regular shampoo. Below, I explain why it is better to use beard shampoo:

Normal shampoo dries out your (bearded) hair, mainly because it is designed with a different purpose- to thoroughly cleanse the main hair. For this purpose, it uses the well-known ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS). This agent has the advantage of being effective in removing dirt, but the disadvantage of drying out your skin and hair. 

So if you use normal shampoo for your beard, it will dry out the beard hairs and the underlying skin. The result can be:

  • Dry skin and dander
  • A stiff beard
  • An irritated or itchy beard
  • A less shiny beard
  • It can stunt beard growth

Use Beard Shampoo As Part Of Your Daily Beard Care Routine

If you want to properly maintain your beard, wash it daily with a good beard shampoo. This is done by gently massaging the shampoo into the beard and underlying skin. It is best to choose a beard shampoo that consists of natural ingredients. As an added benefit, it also smells good!

Do you regularly wax your beard hairs? Consider using a beard conditioner as well. It cleanses your beard hairs more thoroughly than a normal beard shampoo. In contrast to beard shampoo, beard conditioner does not need to be used daily. 

Afterwards, pat your beard hairs dry with a clean towel. Do you want to look great with a shiny beard? Then apply a little bit of beard oil.

Conclusion: Do Use Beard Shampoo!

To prevent dehydration, impeding beard growth and skin irritation, use beard shampoo. The downside of regular shampoo for your main hair is that it often contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which is effective in fighting dirt but dries out your beard hair and underlying skin.

Should you still like to use normal shampoo, opt for a 2-1 solution. This is less caring than a good beard shampoo, but at least it won’t dry out your beard hairs.