Growing A Beard: From Stubble To A Full Beard In 4 Steps

Grow a beard
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Updated on 12 Aug 2023

Growing a beard: for whatever reason, you have decided to grow a beard or moustache. As with everything in life that you do for the first time, you have questions like: how do I start, how does it work and what do I need to consider. No worries, we want you to know that you are in the right place: we’ve been there! We explain to you from A to Z how to maintain a beard and grow it in such a way that you end up with a nice full beard. Let’s get started!

An attractive beard or moustache doesn’t just happen: you have to work hard for it. Some people are more privileged than others when it comes to beard growth, but with a little perseverance, anyone can grow a goodlooking and full beard. Our beard growth beginner’s guide will give you the right tools, but in the end you will have to accelerate yourself.

For anyone wanting to grow a beard: welcome to the world of masculinity!

“I want a beard”: how do you start?

The answer to this question is simple: leave your stubble and forget about trimming or cutting. Apart from that, you need patience and perseverance. 

In this article, we will explain for each phase (length) what exactly you need to do to get a nice groomed full beard.

What do you need?

  • The right knowledge (which we give to you as a gift)
  • The right grooming products and routines
  • The right accessories: e.g. beard trimmer and beard scissors

What kind of beard suits me?

When you start something, it’s always good to set a goal. What kind of beard style are you going for and what is the desired length? It is useful to make a decision about this in advance. A ring beard requires a different method than a balbo beard.

Growing a beard: the different stages

How it works.

Cliche but true: everyone is different. Some have faster beard growth by nature, while others have to make do with thin ‘pubic hairs’. The speed of beard growth, where the hair grows and their thickness: it’s all a given. This, of course, has to do with genes.


You can encounter all kinds of obstacles: an itchy beard, bald patches or uneven beard growth. This is when many men give up.


For every problem there is a solution. Grooming routines, products, accessories and the right knowledge make it possible for everyone to achieve a comely beard. However, some require more patience than others.

1. Stubble: Nothing to worry about

It all starts with stubble: the hair is 1 to 5 mm long. Depending on how fast your beard grows, it takes about one to two weeks to get out of the ‘stubble phase’.

2. The fledgling beard: stinging and itching

The hair grows significantly longer: from 5mm to 1 cm. In this phase, your perseverance will be put to the test: the small and coarse hair can sting and cause itching. A little beard oil will soften the beard hair, but will not make the itching disappear 100%. Patience and perseverance are the key!

3. The short beard: uneven beard growth

During this phase it becomes clear where you have more and less beard growth. Uneven beard growth can result in bald or balding areas. During this phase, it is important to trim your beard hairs correctly..

4. Final destination: a nice, full beard

Slowly, your beard starts to get fuller and fuller. It is important that you trim, comb and groom your full beard in the right way to maintain a well-groomed beard. Beard scissors, a brush and the right beard accessories come in handy here. On average, most men take about two months to achieve a full beard.

Abounding in beard grooming products and accessories, you can look around in UK online shops and your nearby supermarket for the best quality and value purchases.

Beard growing: step by step

For healthy beard growth, it is important to give your beard hair the right care and a little love. Below, we explain step by step what you need to do to achieve a groomed and masculine beard.

1. Stop shaving

Put away your beard trimmer and scissors: you won’t need them for a while. This first step may seem simple, but it is not when your beard starts to itch. For many men, the beard does not look nice at first, which may tempt you to style the first beard hairs by trimming. Don’t do this! Be patient until you can see what kind of shape and texture your facial hair has.

2. Maintain the rest of your facial hair

If you haven’t yet decided what kind of beard you want to grow, we recommend getting beard inspiration. Once you are clear on what kind of beard you want, you will know to where you want to trim facial hair on the neck, neck and chin.

3. Proper grooming

The right grooming products and daily routines promote healthy beard growth. You will come across many beard care products on the internet, but the most important products are a good beard oil, shampoo and, in some cases, a special conditioner. It is especially important to take good care of the skin around your face, as this is where the hair follicles are located. Regular exfoliation is a good idea to remove dead skin cells.

As your beard grows longer, it is crucial to brush it regularly with a brush or a comb. This way, you’ll encourage beard growth to grow in the right direction..

4. Touch-ups

After a few weeks you will probably already have reasonable beard growth. This can soon look a bit unkempt. Longer hair stands out, so it’s a good idea to touch up these. You can do this with a beard trimmer or with scissors.

Tip: watch out for bald spots caused by uneven beard growth. In some cases, it is better to leave the long beard hair standing so they fall over the bald spots.

5. Styling your beard

After about one to two months, most men will have a fuller beard. When your beard is long enough, it is time to style it. It is important to determine for yourself the desired length and shape. Styling by alternating the right lengths is not easy for novice beard people. A bit of dexterity is a requirement, but that is not something that happens to anyone. If you fear ruining your hard-earned beard hair, consider visiting a barber.

6. Maintain

Once you’ve achieved your desired beard length and shape, maintain it with regular trimming and regular shaving (neckline). Full beards require a lot of maintenance because beard hair grows fast and the amount of beard growth means the underlying skin needs more attention. Your beard is your new baby, requiring daily attention.

Growing a beard: Tips!

Growing a groomed beard isn’t that easy, but with the tips below we hope to make it a little easier.

Don’t give up: be patient!

In the beginning, you’re going to have moments when your beard doesn’t look very groomed. When uncertain, it’s easy to grab the beard trimmer and shave it all off. But aren’t you going to regret this later? Keep the desired result in mind and don’t give up. If the going gets tough, you can always visit us on our website for some support!

Soothe beard

Experiencing itchiness is no fun! When it all gets a bit too much, you can reduce beard itch by moisturising your beard and skin with a beard oil. This will also soften your beard hair. Unfortunately, this won’t make beard itchiness go away completely.

Stimulate beard growth

Does it all take too long and do you want your beard to grow faster? With a healthy lifestyle and the right grooming products and routines you can stimulate beard growth.

Healthy living: exercise, eat and avoid stress

How healthy a person lives can often be judged by their skin and hair growth. Exercising a lot stimulates the production of testosterone. The hormone testosterone promotes faster hair growth (beard and head hair). High stress levels have a negative impact on hair growth and can even cause hair loss. It is important to eat enough (lots of protein), eliminate stress and get enough sleep. A healthy life makes for lots of new hair.

Beard care & maintenance: what does your beard need?

The above tips won’t get you there yet. It is important to get the right products to take care of your beard in the best possible way. The Beard Man can tell you exactly which products suit your beard best.


Use mainly grooming products with natural ingredients. These products are often a bit more expensive, but offer the best care.

Frequently asked questions

The Beard Man regularly receives questions from visitors who are at a loss for words. Is your question not among them? Check out our blog articles or send The Beard Man an email.

How long does it take to grow a beard?

How fast beard hair grows varies from person to person. For most men, it takes one month for a short beard and 2 months for a full beard.

How does a beard grow?

Growing a beard is not nearly as simple as stopping shaving. With the right care, you will stimulate beard growth. It’s not just the beard that needs grooming, but also the underlying skin. This is where the hair follicles are. A shampoo or conditioner helps keep the beard clean, a beard oil gives it a nice shine and an exfoliator removes dead skin cells. It is important to trim split ends.

How long can my beard grow?

The longest beard in the world is 8 feet. But how long your beard hangs depends on your genes. With the right care, you can promote beard growth.

Why grow a beard?

Besides offering some warmth during the cold winter months, a beard looks masculine and tough. Nowadays, growing a beard is very trendy! With a beard you will win women and lose them as well. However, it is important to take good care of your beard as it can easily look unkempt.